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Smart technology for the home is rapidly evolving our living spaces and changing the way we interact with both new and existing technology. We provide infrastructures and systems that seamlessly combine this complex technology to provide reliable user friendly smart home solutions on any scale.
Smart Home Smart Home Smart Home
CONTROL SYSTEMS - RTI controllers including remotes, keypads and tablets can control your entire home, allowing you to operate TVs, multiroom audio, lighting, heating and much more from a single user friendly interface.
VOICE CONTROL - Amazon Echo digital assistants can be integrated into our RTI control systems to provide hands-free voice control of any RTI controlled system in your home including TVs, music and lights.
DIGITAL LIGHTING - Rako Controls digital systems provide state-of-the-art programmable lighting which offers scene control, button mapping, event programming, occupancy simulation and off-site control.
Smart Home Smart Home Smart Home
MEDIA HUB - A dedicated equipment hub provides a discreet location for all the audio/visual, data and control equipment required to run a smart home, ensuring all your rooms remain equipment-free.
SURVEILLANCE - Security systems are necessary to keep your home safe and secure. We provide high quality IP-CCTV systems with HD cameras, motion sensing, secure video storage, and remote access.
DATA NETWORK - Reliable high speed Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks are essential for any home, especially those with smart technology. Using wireless mesh systems we can ensure total coverage even in large homes.