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An Internet connection is an essential amenity in the modern home and it's important that it can successfully supply the growing number of network capable consumer electronics.

A large number of devices now require high speed Internet connections to make use of a variety of cloud based services. The increasing amount of on-demand and streaming content being accessed by multiple users simultaneously on a home network is growing rapidly. However as broadband speeds increase, most home networks aren't up to the job of delivering this bandwidth consistently, especially in larger homes.

We design and install data networks that combine wired and wireless solutions for fast, reliable connections throughout your home. We also install advanced network hard drives for digital media storage, media streaming and high definition IP-CCTV surveillance systems.
  •  High speed mesh network access points for reliable Wi-Fi
  •  Cat6 data cabling for fast gigabit Ethernet connections
  •  High performance gigabit routers & network switches
  •  Network hard drives for media storage and CCTV
  •  RAID HDD systems for data redundancy & auto backups
  •  Network & wireless troubleshooting